Travel with a Disability

Bus Accessibility tally

Latest trip bus tally: DIA’s regular parking lots, both garage and economy, were full (!), so I had to park in the Podunk parking. Bus driver number one pressed his ramp deployment button repeatedly with no effect, and told me,…
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Wheelchair Tools and Airport Security

I had so little luggage for last week’s two day trip to Albuquerque, I decided to carry it on, including my folding hex wrenches. I allowed enough time to check the bag if security wouldn’t let it through. On the…
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Chair on the Go

Took my first plane trip with the new chair. Adventure Number One: the push handles My previous chair has integral push handles, which has advantages and disadvantages. Advantage: on the rare occasions when I need to be pushed, there are…
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Travel Resource

Virginia guide among growing resources for disabled travelers

Pre-boarding party from Hell!

My sister and her two adorable babies are going to be joining us on our trip to California next month – we’re going to be the pre-boarding party from hell! One wheelchair, one double stroller, and one year old twins!

Safe Away

Safe Away – Para Stan Morse’s first person narrative about his trip around the world.