Dr Oetker Nostalgia

This morning I was cleaning cookbooks—note, please, that the kitchen is the worst possible place to keep cookbooks, they get totally nasty and greasy—and I found this: For those of you who do not read Suetterlin with ease, the title…
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Rocket Science

About 500 people did the race yesterday. We had real numbers and everything. This morning I called the lady who was in charge of the race: Me: “Hi, I’m interested in the results of the Turkey Trot.” LICOTR: [silence, followed…
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Change in the weather

Yesterday it was in the 70s, warm and humid (for this part of the country, anyway). A truly beautiful fall day. As part of the world’s slowest landscaping project, my husband chopped down the viburnum that had completely outgrown its…
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My son the Petri dish

Now that I’m fairly sure he’s not going to die, I can tell you that my youngest, a senior in high school, has both mononucleosis and West Nile Fever. This seems like overkill, and somewhat unfair. What I’ve learned about…
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NextSat, The End

Friday I had the privilege of being on console when we shut down NextSat. Adios, freefall in peace!

For Mother’s Day – The Lanyard

I have been feeling pretty guilty in the mother department recently; hearing Billy Collins read this on A Prairie Home Companion helped a lot: The Lanyard Billy Collins The other day as I was ricocheting slowly off the pale blue…
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