The Master Chorale – a Casualty of Recession

I was so disappointed to read today that the Master Chorale of Washington is closing up shop. The Master Chorale began life as the Paul Hill Chorale. I was fortunate enough to sing under Paul Hill at Georgetown University, and…
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Re-assessing the Balance of Life

Wow, I’ve been AWOL for 2 months! I’m sorry. I’ve probably been stricken from everyone’s blogroll by now. As of June, I’m no longer employed full time, but am working 3 days a week. What I’ve gained: Lots of time…
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A Day in the Life (of my new camera)

In anticipation of our trip to Italy this fall, I bought a camera. I’m not much of a picture taking person (as my children will attest), but maybe I’ll reform. The camera came, I read the user’s manual, and today…
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Unread books

Stole this idea from Dave Hingsburger: how many of the 106 top unread books from LibraryThings have you read? Here’s my list (31 of the top 106): Life of Pi: a novel (one of my kids gave this to me…
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Mommy moment

My clever and talented daughter’s singing group will be opening for Dar Williams!


Come home soon, children! Eat the bread: