Too cool!

My uncle: Der Fachbereich für Politik- und Verwaltungswissenschaft der Universität Konstanz lädt ein zu einem wissenschaftlichen Symposium zu Ehren von Professor emeritus Dr. Gerhard Lehmbruch [Translation]

Settling for Shirley Jones

I don’t get to be Julie Andrews, but I might get to be Shirley Jones and sing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” to a slow gospel beat.

O brave new world,

That has such music in’t! Last night I went to a concert given by Andrew Manze and the Academy of Ancient Music. I barely know how to begin describing how beautiful it was. There were sixteen musicians, five first violins,…
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Low Ceilings

The curse of low ceilings…I’ve been slightly obsessed with decorating the house lately. (“Slightly?” says my daughter. “You’re channelling Martha Stewart.” No, because Martha Stewart has tons of money, and I don’t. Plus she does those goofy rose ball arrangements.)…
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The Ramp has been built!

This weekend my husband and a bunch of guys from work poured a concrete wheelchair ramp along the front walk and up to the front door, and the jury-rigged plywood Ramp of Death at the back door is no more!…
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Catching up

Whoops! I must have taken the summer off when I wasn’t looking! I’ll try to catch up. On the house front, we moved in June. The new house is still not accessible, but we think it will be easier to…
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