Moravian Music

NPR had a story on Moravian music this morning. I was so lucky to learn about this beautiful music from Dr. James Christian Pfohl, one of my first choir directors.

Summer Vacation

I’ve got teenagers. I don’t blog about my kids, but I’m just going to say — summer vacation starts tomorrow. Scared yet? Yes. Thank goodness I have a job to go to.

Random Notes

I’m currently reading Phillip Simmons’ book Learning to Fall. I like what he has to say about acceptance. I certainly don’t practice it very well. I saw a good sig on Wheelchairjunkie: a building that is not accessible is an…
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Home Modifications

I now have an officially Wheelchair Accessible House! The ramp to the front door was first. We’ve gutted and remodeled the upstairs bathroom, and Monday, the stairlift (a Bruno Excel, for the detail-minded) was installed. Some useful links: Building an…
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I got the solo. So even though Carousel has got to be one of the weirdest musicals ever, complete with child abuse, misogyny and domestic violence, and You’ll Never Walk Alone has got be one of the treacliest inspirational songs…
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