Home Design

Popcorn ceilings

My neighbor just finished scraping all the popcorn finish off her ceilings. I’m jealous. I very much hate my popcorn ceilings.

Accessible bathroom photos

I’ve had a couple of requests to post some pictures of our home modifications, and I’ve finally gotten around to starting.

Home Office Woes

The computers-in-the-family-room situation is driving me nuts. We currently have one desktop computer, one printer and one laptop sharing a six foot table with the networking gear (hub, dsl modem, wireless access point) and miscellaneous other computer junk (palm pilot…
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Random Notes

I’m currently reading Phillip Simmons’ book Learning to Fall. I like what he has to say about acceptance. I certainly don’t practice it very well. I saw a good sig on Wheelchairjunkie: a building that is not accessible is an…
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Home Modifications

I now have an officially Wheelchair Accessible House! The ramp to the front door was first. We’ve gutted and remodeled the upstairs bathroom, and Monday, the stairlift (a Bruno Excel, for the detail-minded) was installed. Some useful links: Building an…
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Low Ceilings

The curse of low ceilings…I’ve been slightly obsessed with decorating the house lately. (“Slightly?” says my daughter. “You’re channelling Martha Stewart.” No, because Martha Stewart has tons of money, and I don’t. Plus she does those goofy rose ball arrangements.)…
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