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Mitch has a couple of great posts (with photos) about his home modifications at Enjoying the Ride: Home Improvements – #1 Home Improvements – Installment #2

The Re-Education of Michael Graves

John Hockenberry interviews Michael Graves: When I visit Graves again one steamy morning last summer, he is confined to his bed due to a prolonged bedsore, under strict medical orders to heal it by staying down and out of his…
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Universal Design versus Visitability

Ruth (Wheelie Catholic) has got some discussion going about Universal Design and Visitability. Universal Design is based on the idea that products and environments should be designed in a way to make them usable by as many people as possible…
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Accessible Landscape Design

I’m currently obsessing about creating an accessible landscape design for our property. Found so far: Fun and Leisure: Home Enabling Garden, from NCPAD ACCESSIBLE GARDENING: Bring Mother Earth Within Reach, from MDA I’m trying to find resources which avoid tokenism:…
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Wheelchair Friendly Homes Nearing Completion

Wheelchair Friendly Homes Nearing Completion, from the Chatanoogan. Interesting what qualifies as “wheelchair accessible”. Notice that this home has what looks like 5-6 steps to the front entrance. Apparently the accessible entrance is hidden in the garage. This hiding of…
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I hate those colonial-looking turned spindles. Think you can cram any more dirt-trapping nooks and crannies into something? I have these things all over my house. Plus the kitchen cabinets match, with all kinds of little decorative grooves and edges….
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