What’s in that drink?

Should have known better. My normal Starbucks/Peaberry/Vic’s drink is a 12 ounce non-fat latte, pretty inocuous. Yesterday I tried Starbucks’ new chocolate drink, the Chantico (why do they give things these weird names?). Tiny cup. Drink is apparently a melted…
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Cooking for Engineers

Mrs. OotFP, you’re going to love this! What a wonderfully elegant way to present a recipe. Via Confessions of a Girl Geek, while trying to figure out why Spam Karma is turning off email notification of real comments.

Saint Barbara’s Day

Well, I didn’t bake Kletzenbrot, but I did bake Silesian pepper cookies: Combine over medium heat, and stir until the butter melts: 1 1/2 cups honey 1 cup sugar 2 tbsp butter Let cool. In a large bowl, combine: 4…
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Hummus recipe?

I’m jonesing for hummus. Anybody got a good recipe to share?

The truth dawns

We’ve been married twenty years, and I think I may finally be convinced that he’s not kidding when he says he doesn’t like garlic. Maybe I should throw the garlic press away, as penance. (It’s such a nice one, though…
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Farmers’ Market

Today at the Farmers’ Market I bought 5 pints of raspberries (three are already frozen, one is eaten, one for tomorrow), two loaves of bread including one really excellent German rye (I wish I had noticed the name of the…
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