Come home soon, children! Eat the bread:

Dr Oetker Nostalgia

This morning I was cleaning cookbooks—note, please, that the kitchen is the worst possible place to keep cookbooks, they get totally nasty and greasy—and I found this: For those of you who do not read Suetterlin with ease, the title…
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Let Them Eat Bread!

With my husband away for two weeks, my frustration with the bread situation here has come to a boil. We make our bread. By “we”, I mean mostly my husband (it used to be mostly me, but now I have…
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Beyond the Pale

I’ve been out of step with modern fish eating for some time – whenever I order tuna or salmon, I hasten to add that I want it actually cooked all the way through. I had lunch with a friend recently…
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High altitude jam

We have a bumper crop of black currants. Anybody got good advice on what aspect of jam making (with commercial liquid pectin) needs to be modified for altitude? We’re at 1517 meters/4979 feet.


Last night’s bedtime reading was the Upton Tea catalog. Tea descriptions are so intriguing: tippy. golden, flowery … and what’s “Orange” about pekoe? Some more tea reading: Flowery, rustic, tippy, smokey Tea Education drinks – teatime Tea Glorious Tea