College Envy

Here I am at L & J’s house outside Annapolis, lying on the chaise with the borrowed Mac (very sweet of them – an added benefit is that I can check all my sites with Safari/IE5 – looking pretty good…
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Flags at Half Mast on July 4th?

Via Fazia, a link to an article explaining the conflict between flag protocols: Honoring Reagan, Flag Day Rules Conflict. I find all this flag protocol stuff interesting but simultaneously amusing; my father was a Foreign Service officer, so I’m intimately…
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Backyard fox

There seems to be a little red fox living (?) in my backyard. It’s as cute as can be. The dog is going nuts. NWF – When the Red Fox Comes to Town The Little Foxes

Triathlon, or Mad Dogs & Englishmen

Just back from the Longmont Triathlon, which seems to get smaller every year. The husband placed second in his age group, closer to his annual nemesis than ever before. The daughter placed fourth, out of four women under 20, and…
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Moving On

Eldest Son graduates from high school today. So, first, when did I get old enough to be the mother of a high school graduate? I’ve got mixed feelings about this – on the one hand, I think that unlike sometime…
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We’re happy at my house; Eldest Son was accepted at the College of His Choice.