iPod Generation

Living with the iPod generation is like living with a bunch of people who are hard of hearing.

Go, girl, go

The Daughter participated in RMVR’s Precision Driving School this weekend, driving the 1972 BMW Bavaria. She was a little stressed; who wouldn’t be, with only a couple of months of street driving behind her, and a dozen race-happy guys on…
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No Fish!

For the second year in a row, a high school swim team girl has decided that it’s cute to give goldfish (last year it was one, this year it’s three!) as a gift. NOT! Girls, a water bottle is not…
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The truth dawns

We’ve been married twenty years, and I think I may finally be convinced that he’s not kidding when he says he doesn’t like garlic. Maybe I should throw the garlic press away, as penance. (It’s such a nice one, though…
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VIR pictures

From left to right, Ron, Jake, Mike (kneeling), The Car (number 51), my beloved, me. It’s not our red pickup truck. There are more pictures in the VIR 2004 album.

I may have raised a writer

From Eldest Son: Crew is really great. Stroking with seven other people in synchronicity is beatific (although we are not very good at this), and it’s really nice to wake up in the dark but NOT need to get into…
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