Mating dance

Orbital Express duo split apart, rejoin autonomously A mission to test satellite servicing techniques took a giant leap forward in a 300-mile-high space ballet Saturday, when two spacecraft separated, spent an hour flying in tight formation, and automatically docked together…
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Pictures from space

Our spacecraft: More videos and images:

What I’ve been doing for the last week

Software glitch hinders Orbital Express demonstration Not our software, the other company’s software. It’s been a very long, busy week, but things are getting back to normal.

Quick Update

I’m in Albuquerque and we launched successfully Thursday night. I’m working nights, sleeping days, not much excess brainpower left.

Water Treatment

Today we went to the open house held at Longmont’s new water treatment plant and had a little tour. It was a geeky little group – me, my husband the mechanical engineer with his long career in risk analysis for…
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Our little home town newspaper had a nice article about Deep Impact, locally slanted. I must get a very early edition of the Denver Post, because its article, below the fold, was headlined “NASA waits for word on comet impact”,…
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