My cousin stopped by today on his way from Bismarck, North Dakota to his home in Bullhead City, Arizona. He’s been working with his cousin, who is a commercial beekeeper. He brought us 5 pounds of raw honey. I’m going…
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Sometimes You Have to Check a Bag

You all know I’m pretty obsessive about traveling with only a carry on bag. But there are exceptions… This weekend, along with other family members, I attended my step-father’s memorial service. He was a veteran, and the American Legion turned…
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One Lovely Blog Award

Kathryn of Kathryn’s Brain and Alpacamundo (new website coming soon, Kathryn says!) has awarded me the One Lovely Blog award, which, it turns out, comes with conditions (kind of like the chain letters of our youth): Thank the person who…
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My brain is having trouble adjusting to this whole walking thing. Thursday night we went to a friend’s clarinet recital in Denver. We found the place, we parked, we walked up to the door. The concert was being held in…
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Unexpectedly Upright

Multiple sclerosis is a strange, no, bizarre, disease. To review: for many (most) people, MS is a relapsing-remitting disease. Attacks (relapses), which can have a variety of symptoms, hang around for days, weeks or months, and then go away (remission)….
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More Home Modification

Mitch has a couple of great posts (with photos) about his home modifications at Enjoying the Ride: Home Improvements – #1 Home Improvements – Installment #2