Life with a Disability


I am so grateful to have kind, thoughtful, intelligent, observant friends. It is such a pleasure to spend time with people who know how to open a door and then not stand in the way, who disassemble and stow my…
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You can’t get there from here

Dillard’s department store. Six sleek black heavy glass doors in a row. On the last door, the universal access symbol, with the following under it: DILLARD’S CARES ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE If you have any difficulty in our store because of…
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Snowplow mysteries

Why is it that the most attractive place to pile the snow is always the handicapped parking spot? Or failing that, in front of the curbcut?


Maybe I should just pile up a bunch of empty journal entries: relapse, remission, relapse, remission, relapse… On the other hand, it’s better to have remitted and relapsed than never to have remitted at all. Started getting more wobbly last…
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I’ve waited a couple of weeks to write anything about it, kind of for luck. It’s so amazing what you can get accomplished when you can walk! Today I washed my very own car for the first time probably in…
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