Life with a Disability

Wheelchair on the Loose!

I visited a friend in the hospital yesterday, and the whole time I was there I had this creepy feeling that someone was going to grab me and lock me up for being loose on my own in a wheelchair….
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Hands on the Wheel

You know all that stuff you do while you’re driving? Putting on your seatbelt, changing the CD, fiddling with the radio, drinking your coffee, talking on your cellphone, putting on your sunglasses? Don’t do them if you’ve got hand controls.

To the Cleanroom and Beyond!

Yesterday I went on a half-day tour of my company, Ball Aerospace. They give the tour for employees every two months. I emailed the Responsible Party and asked if it was doable in a wheelchair. His response was very prompt:…
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One of These Days…

… I’d like to wake up in the morning after nine hours of sleep refreshed and rested instead of exhausted. About fatigue in MS: Fatigue and Multiple Sclerosis fatigue, from Understanding the Unique Role of Fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis