Multiple Sclerosis

The Trouble with Remission

There’s no trouble with remission. Remission is a wonderful thing. The interesting thing about remission is that there’s nothing to write about. Life is so much less irritating when you can walk and see straight, and don’t have to spend…
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Concert Report

I went to work in the morning. I got home about 2 pm and took a nap. Unfortunately we’re having a sudden hot snap – two weeks ago it was snowing, yesterday it was 95 degF, and nobody’s ready for…
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I went to work. I had my mid-year review (apparently they still like me). I went to the library for lunch, loaded all my books into my backpack, started crutching into the library, lost my balance and fell over backwards…
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Taking it easy

I sewed buttons on my son’s concert shirt (you know those super-cheapie shirts where they don’t knot off the buttons, and all you have to do is tug and the whole thing unravels?), but that wasn’t super successful, between the…
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All right

Fuck this! Fuck this precipitous, disastrous descent into disfunction. It’s like I can’t even think anymore. Everybody around me has speeded up double time, there’s no way to catch up.


I know exactly how stupid what I am about to write sounds. Jody is right. I am doing too much. I don’t want it to be too much. I want to do all the things I am doing. I want…
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