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Another Reason to Ask for an Accessible Hotel Room

Who knew? Note to those who don’t click through to the article: Dangling prepositions aside, Kevin Buckler is an able-bodied race car driver. Mr. Buckler finishes off his routine with 20 to 30 minutes of brisk cardio. When he is…
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It's a Jeep Thing

It’s a Jeep Thing?

Requested an “intermediate SUV”. Got a Jeep Wrangler, billed as a “full size, all terrain vehicle”, no extra charge (surprise!). Let’s see – way too high for (most) wheelchair users to get into, no way (that we could find) to…
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The Universal Elevator Key

I was talking to our city’s recreation director, and the issue of elevator keys came up (in order to use the elevator at one of the city pools, you have to get a staff member to operate it, using a…
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Going to the Theater

Sometimes I feel like Christiane is my long-lost twin. Here’s a translation of her post about calling the theater: A call to the Thalia Theater in Hamburg. Me: “Hello. Can you tell me if the Nachtasyl (the pub in the…
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Like Schumacher, after the bus

Christiane vs the bus: It was the White City stop, the same story as yesterday. I’m waiting in full sight at the bus stop, holding my hand out towards the street, clearly signalling to the driver that I want to…
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