Contacting Organizations about Inaccessible Websites

Via FWD/Forward, from the W3C comes this resource-rich article about combating inaccessible websites: * Overview * Introduction * Consider your Approach * Identify Key Contacts * Describe the Problem * Sources for More Information * Request Reply * Follow-up as…
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You Can’t Play

Jen from People Aren’t Broken writes about the many ways people and institutions ensure that she (we) is (are) not able to play: [E]xamples include: intersections with crazy traffic patterns and no audible walk indication board games that I can’t…
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Disabled ‘apartheid’ to end

Shops, hotels and offices will soon be forced to widen corridors, install ramps and renovate toilets under new rules to improve access for the elderly, families with prams and people with disabilities. The federal government will announce minimum access requirements…
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Separate is not equal

IP at Modus Dopens hits the nail on the head: There’s a pervasive myth that annoys the hell out of me, and I hope you?ll excuse me while I get it out of my system: it’s the idea that it’s…
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This Bathroom – One More Time

From the Paralyzed Veterans Association of Florida‘s Sunshine Spokesman newsletter, a take on my encounter with restroom decor: