Best Plugin Ever!

I just installed the x-Dashboard plugin, which totally dumps all those useless feeds and highlights recent blog activity (what a concept!). Behold: before after


Big Perl weekend. Still trying to wrap my mind around LIST contexts, and feeling pretty stupid. I re-wrote my shell script in Perl and added hooks to put in some pcli (if I ever figure that stupid thing out) and…
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I just had my first totally fun day at work in months. Why? Most people were on vacation, I did absolutely no managing, instead I spent the day cobbling together a MySQL/PHP/shell script application to automate validation of our integration…
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Browser Frustration

I updated Opera to 8.0. Some changes for the better, some not. Blogspot blogs now correctly display both columns (in 7.x, the content appeared on top, the navigation column appeared below). Google Groups don’t work, though. I don’t think it’s…
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Legitimate comment deletion

Apologies to Rayna, whose legitimate comment was deleted by Spam Karma. I’ve upgraded to version 1.20, which is supposed to save deleted comments in the database for undeleting if necessary.