Is there an English teacher in house?

Via Fazia, What corporate America can’t build: A sentence. I guess I should be grateful for my liberal arts education (not usually perceived as an asset in aerospace).

Words had to change their meanings

To fit in with the change of events, words, too, had to change their usual meanings. What used to be described as a thoughtless act of aggression was now regarded as the courage one would expect to find in a…
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Language Abuse

Heard at a business meeting last week: “Desirement” In a software change request: “Pair down the size of [item]” In a list of document revisions: “Second Revision | Third Revision | Forth Revision” In email, to indicate agreement with the…
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WordPress apparently goes around converting perfectly good low-bit ASCII characters like the single quote into high-bit characters like the apostrophe. This is tremendously irritating – if I wanted text littered with high-bit ASCII, I’d use Microsoft Word. Hunting for the…
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Stress and the English Language

Stress makes Multiple Sclerosis worse more evidence I would have titled it “More Evidence that Stress Makes Multiple Sclerosis Worse”, or maybe “Stress Makes Multiple Sclerosis Worse: More Evidence”, but what do I know?

Brecht followup

Another followup, this time to my question about a Bertolt Brecht quote: This quote is (in its entirety) a poem by Brecht called Motto, which can be found in Bertolt Brecht: Poems 1913-1956. The German original: In den finsteren Zeiten…
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