Disability Blogs—My Feed List

OPML fileOnce upon a time, blogs had blogrolls. If you had a blog, you would include a list of blogs you thought would be interesting to your readers in a sidebar on your page.

After a while, if you had a lot of blogs to keep track of, you learned about feed readers. Back then, there were many feed readers, but gradually Google came to dominate the feed reader space. Google Reader allowed you to create a sidebar widget that linked to new posts from the blogs on your list.

Then Google Reader changed its API (as it is wont to do), and now you could only provide a list of the blogs on your sidebar, which wasn’t as good, because some of them were defunct, and a person could waste a lot of time clicking through to blogs that hadn’t been updated since 2006.

And now Google Reader is going away. I’ve migrated my feeds to NetVibes, but NetVibes doesn’t provide an easy way to display a blogroll or recent posts on my website.

Since I was fiddling with my OPML file anyway, I figured it might be useful to post a list of the disability related blogs I subscribe to. This is just a snapshot of today’s subscriptions, and many of these blogs are sadly defunct. I hope, though, that you find something in here to interest and inform you.



  1. Roo

    Wow!! Great list, thanks for posting it, I will have fun exploring!

  2. che

    ta Katja – rueing Reader’s imminent demise and still with no game plan for post the final death knell in this lil possie of the world, sigh.


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