Packing Light: Four Days in Phoenix

Packing for a four day trip to Phoenix. Two travel days, two days of meetings. Day time temps will be 95-102, night time temps in the low 60s, and the temperature indoors may be in the high 60s.

On the plane:
Green tunic, leggings, ankle boots, jacket, scarf. This green scarf is a very stretchy lightweight knit that is almost as large as a pashmina when stretched out, so it can pinch hit as a small blanket.

Day 1 of meetings:
The same tunic, a black stretchy pencil skirt, flats.

Day 2 of meetings:
Black tank top, cropped turquoise sweater (the heaviest thing I am taking), scarf, same skirt, same flats.

For the return trip, I’ve got another tunic which I will wear with the leggings, boots and jacket.

Here’s my packed bag (pen included for scale):
In addition to the clothes, the bag contains:

  • 12 inch laptop (underneath everything)
  • portable bicycle pump (also underneath everything)
  • wheelchair tools (in red mesh bag)
  • liquids:
    • jojoba oil
    • toothpaste
    • sunscreen
    • dry lube for wheelchair
  • other toiletries (toothbrush, nail file, meds, rubber bands, sewing kit, hairbrush)
  • packable backpack in tiny blue bag – this Sea to Summit daypack has a 20 liter capacity and weighs under 3 ounces. I’ll use this to carry my laptop and work stuff to and from meetings
  • swimsuit, goggles, swim cap
  • collapsible cane in side water bottle pocket
  • another couple of scarves and a pair of tights in case it’s really cold in the air conditioning
  • a book

The bag under the wheelchair (purse equivalent) contains wallet, phone, keys, work ID, and will fit into the backpack for boarding the plane. That’s it!



  1. Jennifer Fitz

    THANK YOU for posting this. I stink at packing light, and I have a business trip this summer – first time in 10,000 years I’m going some place not for kids-n-family. Massively helpful.

  2. Katja

    Glad it’s useful! Everything worked out ok, except that my legs/feet swelled up enough on the plane both ways to make getting the ankle boots off a challenge, so I’m re-thinking those. I wore everything I brought, except one of the scarves.

  3. che

    awesome – lemme know when you open for packing light business!?
    … and lovin’ that green tunic by der way

  4. Kathryn | Alpacamundo

    I thought I packed light, but you put me to shame. :-)

  5. Katja

    Yeah, it’s kind of an obsession…or maybe a competitive sport.

  6. elizabeth

    Brill, thanks. I pack about five times this to go over on a ferry – I need to think it through and minimize, particularly on the clothing.


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