Cycling the Dordogne 2011: The Things We Saw (Wednesday)

Each day included both bicycling and one or more attractions—some organized, some not. Almost all the photos in this post are courtesy of our friends Allen and Claudia (thank you!); I was too scatterbrained to take very many pictures.

La Ferme de Gernes

On the first day’s ride, we had a stop arranged at La Ferme de Gernes owned by farmer and baker Daniel Chastaing. M. Chastaing had some refreshments laid out for us, including bread and soft cheese of his own production; preserves (quince and something else), and tea and coffee. We saw the bakery, including wood oven and proofing baskets.

La Ferme de Gernes

Notice the chalk marks telling the bikers to stop (!) for bread

Morning snack at La Ferme de Gernes

L-R: Marie (tour leader), M. Chastaing (prop), Rebecca, Katja, John, Claudia

Baking oven at La Ferme de Gernes

Wood burning oven, table with proofing baskets

Bread at La Ferme de Gernes

Beautiful finished loaves


Our lunch stop was at Collonges-la-Rouge, 8th century priory town, one of the plus beaux villages de France (“most beautiful villages of France”—this is an official designation). Marie was worried that I wasn’t taking enough pictures, so after lunch she took my camera and dashed around getting some of the loveliest buildings.

Entering Collonges-la-Rouge

L-R: John, Katja, Claudia. Claudia has two bikes because Allen is pulling the handcycle.

Auberge du Cantou

Our lunch spot. Duck. Lots of duck.

Lunch at Auberge du Cantou

After we had eaten, the proprietor, while clearing our dishes, pointed at each plate and pronounced, "Good! Good! Bad!" depending on whether food had been left uneaten. L-R: John, Katja, Claudia, Allen (at last!), Gwendal (tour leader).

Relais de St Jacques

Note the scallop icon of St James (St Jacques, Santiago). Collonges-la-Rouge is on the pilgrim route to Compostela.

Obligatory accessibility notes: Collonges-la-Rouge has some very steep and narrow streets, but it is very much a tourist town, and help is readily available. There are accessible toilets in the square near the church.

More to come…



  1. chekoala

    Surely noone’s plate got a ‘bad’ verdict?!
    Looking fab (scallop icon duly noted too)

  2. Katja

    I thought of you when I saw it!

    Claudia ordered the Perigord salad, which came with a boatload of meat items. She didn’t finish them all, even after parceling out samples to all of us. She got the “bad” verdict.


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