French Accessibility Phrases

French Accessibility Phrases

Ok, I’m ready for France, thanks to Sage Traveling’s page of French accessibility phrases:

Is there a handicapped bathroom? – Y a-t-il une salle de bains handicapée ? (ee ah-teel ewn sahl duh baN awN-dee-kah-peh)
Is there an entrance without steps? – Y a-t-il une entrée sans des marches ? (ee ah-teel ewn ahN-treh sahN deh mahrsh)
Where is the elevator? – Où est l’ascenseur ? (oo eh lah-sahN-suhr)
My friend is outside in a wheelchair. – Mon ami est dehors en un fauteuil roulant. (mohN ah-mee eh duh-ohr ahN uhN foh-tay roo-lahN)
Can you help me? – Pouvez-vous m’aider ? (poo-veh voo meh-deh)
Lift here and here. – Levez ici et ici (luh-veh ee-see eh ee-see) <- this one is going to be useful, I'm sure!

Check them out for more French, and many other languages!



  1. chekoala

    tres envie!!!

    looking forward to yr updates, bon voyage hey

  2. Coach Laura

    C’est magnifique! Bon voyage.


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