Reflex Hammers

Taylor HammerEverything you never wanted to know about reflex hammers, courtesy of Dr. Grumpy:

Today I am going to reveal one of the deep, dark secrets of neurology. A secret so carefully hidden that this post could result in my excommunication from the neurobrotherhood.

Most doctors, in some way, are snobs. Some are money snobs (a malady not limited to medicine), others about where they went to med school, still others about their clientele, others about research.

And what are neurologists snobs about?

We are snobs about…

(looks around furtively and whispers)

Reflex hammers.

Full post: Secrets of the Jedi Masters



  1. Jennifer Fitz

    That is hilarious. (Whole blog- thanks for the link.)

    [Hey, FYI, Google Reader decided to hold all your posts for a month, and then suddenly release them all in a single batch. Sort of surreal. I’d thought you were not blogging for some good reason. But instead I was just not reading for some lousy reason.]

  2. Katja

    And now WordPress for some strange reason is not notifying me about comments…weirdness everywhere. But thanks for sticking with me.


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