Emily McQueen

Here are some of the blogs I’ve started reading the last few months:

Cruisin’ With Cricket: The Journeys of Becky and her Guide Dog, Cricket, is a mix of personal postings, the practicalities of living with visual impairment, and cute Cricket pictures and stories. Becky is also a runner.

Emily McQueen: A Girl’s Guide to Wheelchair Racing, is a new discovery. It looks like Emily is just getting started putting together a comprehensive overview of racing resources for women.

NCPAD Blog: Endless Capabilities. Also new this month from NCPAD (The National Center on Physical Activity and Disability). NCPAD has a host of great resources, so I’m looking forward to great blog entries.



  1. Emily McQueen

    Katja, I can’t wait to meet you at a race someday. I am glad to hear you are getting into it. I hope you have some good experiences on the track and on the road. Thanks for commenting on my site.

  2. Katja

    Thanks, Emily. Let me know if there’s anyway I can help with the info you’re trying to collect for your site.


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