I found Omhu via Advanced Style.

Omhu appears to have only one product so far, but with this mission statement, they are worth keeping an eye on.

Omhu is Danish for “with great care.” Founded on the belief that life is imperfect and beautiful, we offer groundbreaking designs to support people’s abilities as they change throughout life.

We started Omhu after searching in vain for well-designed products for relatives and friends who needed help with simple tasks such as walking, bathing, or reaching overhead. Pooling our collective experience in design and fashion, we’ve created a brand for people like us —caregivers who want more inspired and inspiring choices for the people they love.

Omhu celebrates good design because it’s life-enhancing, and it’s fun. By creating more exciting choices of things that help, we hope we can also help change the way people feel about aging and ability. Because everyone’s getting older – even you!

Omhu Canes


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