Taipei – Taipei Zoo

On a nice day, going to the Taipei Zoo, having a walk along the river, and riding the Maokong Gondola would be good things to do.

Sadly, what we had was a very rainy day, so just a short, wet, cold visit to the zoo.

The zoo is in a hilly, verdant area. While generally accessible, some of the slopes were challenging, especially in the wet.

We only got a really good look at the Formosan Animal area, and there the elusive Formosan Clouded Leopard eluded us.

Formosan Sika Deer:

Taiwan 080

Nice ramp up to the Sika deer enclosure:

Taiwan 079

Overly steep ramp up to the Formosan fern area:

Taiwan 078

Son, chia pet dinosaur (with errant water bottle?), Formosan ferns:

Taiwan 077

Formosan rock macaques:

Taiwan 083


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  1. Ruth

    What great posts – am totally enjoying your trip vicariously – thanks!


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