Disabled Explorers

Disabled Explorers In the World’s Most Badass Short Bus

Every soldier is eventually discharged. Every soldier, especially those who have seen combat, has to figure out how to reintegrate with society. Disabled soldiers get to do all that, plus figure out what they physically can and can’t do.

So Lance rolls up in the WAVE, tosses the soldier in the back, and takes him out to the desert for a few days of overland travel.

“It’s the emotional drive that makes you transfer from your bed to the wheelchair. That makes you put your legs on. Or stop and take ?em off, if that’s what you need to do. Working in the hospital kind of gives me that ability to be empathetic, to use my experiences to… you know, I can’t change anything for these people. I can’t say, ‘I can stick your leg back on.’ Or, ‘Hey, guess what? I can get you out of that wheelchair.’ But if nothing else, I can say, ‘I’ve been where you are. I laid in the bed. I pooped. I vomited. I did all that. I can’t make it any better, but I can make sure it’s not any worse than it has to be.'”

Bad-Ass Bus


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