Exercises for people with MS

A new resource from the Multiple Sclerosis Trust (UK): Exercises for people with MS.

Exercises for People with MS - coverWhen Exercises for people with MS was launched in 2004 it was the first publication designed to build on the evidence that exercise was good for people with MS. It offered people with MS and health professionals simple guidance about appropriate exercise regimes. Since that time, in excess of 45,000 copies have been sent out.

To enable more people to have access to this information and to enable health professionals to provide a more tailored approach, the book has been transferred to this web based format.

The exercises are arranged in categories based both on how they are done and the type of problems they address. Each exercise includes clear, attractive diagrams, and an animation to illustrate the movement. The option to download each individual page allows the compilation of a personalised set of exercises to meet particular needs and to suit lifestyle.



  1. debe

    Well this is timely, I am doing some exercise classes with my Wednesday TOPS group, and I would love to check out my “scale” of education… the folks do not have MS, but have other problems that “Prevent” them from exercise…

    I have only done instruction with muggles, and this will be a real help for me

    Thanks for sharing

  2. weeble

    This is good Katja. There’s lots I can actually do.

    I also love this extensive stretching guide from the Canadian MS Society. It is a downloadable PDF called Everybody Stretch.

    Everybody Stretch


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