CommentLUVI saw the CommentLuv plugin on FWD/Forward and found it intriguing – if you leave a comment, it parses your URL and looks for your last post, and prints out the first phrase. I followed a number of CommentLuv links and found interesting new people to read.

I already have a feed for other people’s most recent posts (see the “Currently Reading” sidebar), but thought this would be better. So leave a comment and let’s try it out.

(If you’re reading this on Facebook, follow the “View Original Post” link back to brokenclay/journal.)



  1. fridawrites

    It takes a minute to show up at the bottom.
    .-= Latest from fridawrites: Valentine’s Day: Calling Disability Bloggers, and Cabin Fever =-.

  2. fridawrites

    Mine’s risque–all the better. Here goes…

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