This Bathroom Ain’t Big Enough for Both of Us

Or: Nature Abhors a Vacuum

Seen in the restroom at my hair stylist:
crowded restroom
Apparently some decor-happy business owner saw a big empty space and decided it needed filling. Tip: that big empty space is there for a reason. Luckily that thing was lightweight and easy to shove out of the way.



  1. fridawrites

    Yuck leaving anything close to a toilet that can’t be wiped down! I’m not missing the point, though–trash cans are an awful beast I often wage war with.

  2. Mitch

    The most common obstacle I encounter in handicapped bathroom stalls are healthy people who could have used one of the empty, non-handicapped stalls instead.

    They are usually too unwieldy for me to move myself, but I find that after a few minutes they move on their own, and are very apologetic.

    Frankly, before I became disabled I never thought about it. I would use the handicapped stalls for no reason at all. I was never interrupted by a person in a wheelchair though. It would only have taken once, and I hope that’s all it takes with the people I interrupt.

    They are mostly not mean spirited, just ignorant.

  3. Nikki Baker

    I would like to share this in a non-profit newsletter. Please contact me at

  4. Natasha

    It looks like a fancy Philippine broomstick :) It’s called a walis ting-ting.


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