Today, for the first time, I did two workouts back to back, like you’re supposed to when training for a triathlon.

I went for a handcycle ride, then hopped in my wheelchair and took off again. Wow, what a surprise! First, my center of gravity was now way too high–I felt like I was going to topple out on one side or the other. Second, my lats and rear delts weren’t happy at all. Third, I resented having to slow down for every bump and curb cut. It was like going for a run and then being told I had to crawl. I took the same bike path around the lake I had taken on the handcycle, but in the wheelchair the cross slope was so severe that I had to slow way down and essentially do about half the distance using only one arm.

It was about two miles before I really hit my stride, which is kind of a long time considering the sprint triathlon run distance is 5K. Now I really want a racing wheelchair.

new planter

The New Planter

Then when I got home I got dragooned into mixing concrete for the walk around the new planter, so I guess I’ve had three workouts today.
The guys mixing concrete in the rain

The guys mixing concrete in the rain


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