Blogging Against Disablism Day

This is the fourth annual Blogging Against Disablism Day (BADD). I have not yet gotten it together enough to contribute, caused partly by my awe of the incredible posts everybody else contributes. Check out the BADD action at Diary of a Goldfish.



  1. fridawrites

    Just write! You are awesome, and I love your posts. I think sometimes writer’s block comes when we worry about the writing or getting it right rather than focusing on the topic or the passion in fighting disablism.

  2. Life At Full Tilt

    I love your posts and this website as well. I am relatively new to blogging and will be getting a chair soon and a lot of the information here has been helpful. Please stop by my blog when you can. Thanks.

  3. Katja (Post author)

    Thanks, Frida!

    Thank you and welcome, Full Tilt! I switched your email and your URL, so now your name on this comment links to your blog. Best of luck with your new chair – I hope it opens up all kinds of new possibilities for you.

  4. Life At Full Tilt

    The chair is a sport chair with newest version of power-assist. Have not heard yet about approval and in the meantime stressed out my wrists using depot manual as needed. Will visit the links you mention. Have been working with Adaptive Seating Specialist, have no way to transport a scooter or powerchair but am looking into getting a used one for distances as has been suggested by another blogger. Thanks!!!

  5. weeble

    Katja, I think most of your blogs I’ve read have either promoted accessibility or rights or given information for the disabled. Not that I think BADD is a bad (ugh- couldn’t resist) idea, but maybe what you do everyday counts more.


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