What’s Missing from Your Website?

I came across a couple of nice items on the website of the Access Center for Independent Living in Dayton, Ohio:

Myths about Disability
Talking about Disability

Then I noticed a blog link on these pages, but it didn’t seem to be valid. In fact, every link in the footer links to the same page it is on. So I went to the home page.

The first thing I noticed on the home page was this:

The Access Center is now located at 901 S Ludlow Street

Ludlow Street – that’s nice. Ludlow Street in what city? What state? What country?

So I thought I’d email the ACIL and point this out. I selected the Contact link, which provided phone, fax and TTY numbers (and coincidentally provided the answer to the city and state question), but no email address or contact form.

Then I noticed problems with the character encoding, and problems with validation (despite the HTML and CSS validation links at the bottom of the page). I’d like to tell them about these issues, but not via phone call. A search for “” on the site eventually turned up a list of email address on the About Us page, but most visitors are not going to go to that kind of trouble to find an email address.

If you’re going to be on the World Wide Web, remember that it’s world wide, and not everybody knows that Ludlow Street is in Dayton, Ohio, US of A. And provide a WWW-type way to contact you.



  1. Don Parker

    I have chosen not to publish my address on my website. I do have my phone number up though. I just don’t want to get on mailing lists and have even more trash mail delivered to my door.

    Once I make contact with a person who emails or phones me, I will give them my mailing address.

    What really frustrates me is when I visit a company website and cannot find any contact information, phone number or email; very annoying!


  2. Katja

    Exactly. The whole point of a website for a business (or service organization) is to entice and enable potential customers or clients to contact them!


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