People who Know

They’re out there:

From Chewing the Fat:

I was trusting this kid with my mobility. I was going on a trip in minutes, I started to change my mind just as he looked up at me and said, ‘I know.’

From Wheelie Catholic:

I didn’t have to leave a cone to remind people not to park just as crookedly right next to me, concerned they might think I’d started a new parking pattern.

And here, the guys are cleaning up the leaves and stuff in preparation for spring, but this year, they’re not parking their truck right in front of the curb cut, because this year, they know. They wave at me when I come to work in the morning.



  1. Ruth

    Your story about the workers not parking in front of the curb cut anymore- and waving- struck a chord with me.

  2. weeble

    I’m so glad the maintenance guys remembered from last year and are waving instead of rolling their eyes. There are a lot of good people out there.

    A man in the parking lot yesterday came to me and asked to help lift my chair into my van. I was ever so grateful. He didn’t want me to be. It seemed just the right thing to do for him. He knew.


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