Air New Zealand Says “No”

A Christchurch tetraplegic is being forced to pay thousands of dollars for an in-flight carer because Air New Zealand staff cannot help him into his seat.

Make that “will not” instead of “cannot”; other airlines seem to manage it somehow.

Full article: Airline says ‘no’ to help



  1. The Angry Gimp

    That makes me ANGRY. That would be illegal in the United States. Regardless of the legality, they’re jerks. Unless the guy weighs 300 pounds, what’s the problem? How hard can it be to help a guy move from seat to seat? Be grateful all your limbs work and help the man, people!

  2. stephen

    (raspberries) who needs ’em? this is just wrong, and should be punishable by bungee cords.

  3. Diane J Standiford

    New Zealand has no lawyers? I dig the bungee cord idea though.


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