Kauai – Opaeka’a Falls and Kamokila Hawaiian Village

The Opaeka’a Falls overlook is on Kuamo’o Road (580) about a mile and a half west of Highway 56. It’s a beautiful vista. The sidewalk at the overlook has no curbcut. If you can get onto the sidewalk, you can also follow a path to the other side of the highway overlooking the Wailua River and Kamokila Hawaiian Village.

Kamokila is down (steeply down) a side road. Parking can be muddy, and there are no permit spots (there are no parking spaces marked out). Admission is $5.00. The site is fairly flat. Paths are gravel, so manual wheelchair users will have to be very strong or accept help. The buildings and exhibits are surprisingly accessible, and there’s even a sort of accessible restroom! (Sort of accessible means that the building itself has a concrete apron; if you can get onto that from the bumpy ground, you can probably get in the door. The ladies’ side has one regular and one large stall; the large stall has no grab bars but is big enough for a wheelchair.)

This was the only place where we got any kind of significant bug bites, maybe because it’s in a river valley. When the kids mentioned the bugs to one of the guys working there, he took them down to a tree by the river and showed them how to apply kukui sap to the bites. Within a couple of minutes, the redness and itching were gone! The kids were very impressed.


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