Kauai – East Coast Bike Path

This is a find! Starting at the north end of Kapa’a, park at the end of Moanakai Road (Waipouli Beach Park). A 10 foot wide, 2.5 mile long paved trail begins here and ends at Kealia Beach. It’s slightly uphill going north. It’s all beach, beach, beach, ocean, ocean as far as the eye can see. It’s well maintained as well – we met workers shoveling up mud and gravel after several days of rain.

There is also excellent access to the path from the parking area at Lookout Point (between mile markers 9 and 10). There are a number of little picnic pavilions along the path that are also accessible. The entire path is lined with 2″ diameter irrigation pipes which cross the path every dozen yards or so, but the pipes have been ramped with plywood.

Apparently there are plans to extend the paved trail from Kealia to Donkey Beach. I couldn’t figure out if those plans are on hold or what the schedule might be.

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Additionally, there is a 2.5 mile paved loop path at Lydgate Beach Park. Lydgate also has beach wheelchairs and a beautiful accessible playground.


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