Wanting Too Much?

Occasionally I will get into a funk and wonder if I want too much – too much access, too much fairness, too much equality.

Luckily there are people to come to my rescue. Stephen Kuusisto points out that

providing special education to kids in our public schools, or putting in accessible curb cuts are no longer ‘choices’ in the old-fashioned sense.

Read his entire piece: The Easy Things.

And how about this comment from a disability activist blocking an inaccessible Toronto subway station?

Eventually, the cops showed up and began shoving some of our members, too. It was a real eye-opener. Maybe every time I’m inconvenienced I should push, yell and demand that the cops ensure my access.

Full story at Time for stroller-pushers and people with disabilities to take on TTC.

And just substitute “disablism” (or “ablism”, or whatever works for you) for “sexism”:

Let’s say that fighting sexism is like a chorus of people singing a continuous tone. If enough people sing, the tone will be continuous even though each of the singers will be stopping singing to take a breath every now and then. The way to change things is for more people to sing rather than for the same small group of people to try to sing louder and never breathe.

From firecat.


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