Comments submitted to Arapahoe County Planning on the master plan for High Plains Raceway:

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Parking Requirements note indicates that there will be between 200 and 500 parking spaces. No details are provided, but per the ADAAG Section 4.1.2(5)(a), the following numbers of accessible spaces must be provided:
201 to 300 7
301 to 400 8
401 to 500 9
501 to 1000 2 percent of total

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The plan indicates 2 sets of grandstands (bleachers). How will pedestrians (including wheelchair users) access these grandstands, especially the set on the east side?

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1/5 Controls/Restroom/Concession building
This appears to be a 3 story building with 4992 square feet, but no vertical access (elevator, platform lift or ramp) is indicated (square footage calculation: level 1 24’x80′ = 1920 ft^2, level 2 24’x100′ = 2400 ft^2, level 3 24’x28′ = 672 ft^2)

No restroom plans are provided, but presumably the restrooms will need to be accessible per the ADAAG Section 4.1.2(6)/4.22.

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12/5 Bleacher detail
What provision is there for spectators who are unable to mount steps? The detail drawing implies that there is no level floor space per ADAAG 4.33.4 for wheelchair using spectators.


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