Rocket Science

About 500 people did the race yesterday. We had real numbers and everything. This morning I called the lady who was in charge of the race:

Me: “Hi, I’m interested in the results of the Turkey Trot.”
LICOTR: [silence, followed by paper shuffling] “The such and such team won.” (I didn’t even pay attention to what she said, because I don’t care which team won.)
Me: “I was actually interested in my own results.”
LICOTR: “We’ll be posting those in the exercise room.”
Me: “On paper?”
Me: “Have you considered putting them on the intranet?”
LICOTR: “Oh, no, there’s far too many.”
[A pause for me to contemplate the far too many problem. I’ve done timing and scoring for swim meets that have had 500 times just in one event.]
Me: “It’s just data.”
LICOTR: “Someone would have to type it all in.”
Me, amused: “You mean you’re doing this manually?”
LICOTR, not amused: “Yes.”
Me, horrified: “Oh. Thank you. Good bye.”

I forgot to ask if the paper in the exercise room was going to have 500 results handwritten in magic marker.

And here I thought I worked for a technologically sophisticated rocket science company, or something.



  1. mdmhvonpa

    Optical scanner with handwriting software … you know, from the late 80’s?


    Call in the summer interns.

  2. wheelchairdancer




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