When Accessibility isn’t Hospitality

When Accessibility isn’t Hospitality

With a modest column of space, an unremarkable bit of engineering and an ascent of less than 10 feet, Buddakan had given her a path to a meal and an experience like any other diner’s.

Or had it?

The author is making a point that grudging or thoughtless access is an insult in itself, but the article’s numerous examples of inaccessibility cause it to wander off the point.


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  1. Paul Martin

    I can definitely imagine how that would feel – inadequate access. Won’t get to experience that one – went straight from ambulatory to housebound and semi bedridden.

    A life with its own charms, for example the low wage/unskilled and often, understandably, disgruntled home health aides supplied by a health care system that clearly places a high value on the health and safety of people in my position!


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