Clueless in Newark

Continuing our New Jersey theme, here’s Damon’s account of Newark airport’s version of assistance for the visually impaired:

Interestingly my girlfriend, who is also visually impaired, was allowed to follow the man while he took me first to a toilet (where I jumped out of the chair and left him) then to the baggage collection area (where I handled a big case onto a trolley) and then to a yellow taxi (who was going to refuse me because his cab wasn’t wheelchair accessible, until I stood up and confused him).

We did toy with the idea of sharing the wheelchair. Me for the first fifty yards then girlfriend for the next fifty just to make a point. We decided this was plain silly. Then I came up with the idea of standing up on the seat of the wheelchair to show passers-by that I’m better than your average wheeler: “Eat my stamina” I was going to shout. I was also considering a Jesus crucifix pose while standing up and being pushed actually … thought I’d add that because I might just as well offend as many people as I can with this article the way it’s going.


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  1. Ruth

    Great article. Loved the line where the little girl exclaims that he’s blind and Damon notes shes’ able to see past the wheelchair! LOL


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