The Cathedral Church of St. John, Albuquerque



  • on the street (metered, Albuquerque allows handicapped parking permit holders to park at meters for free)
  • church lot on the northeast corner of property, no permit spaces
  • commercial parking lot across the street to the north, no charge on Sundays

Building access:
The building is accessible via the northeast entrance; all other entrances have steps. There is no signage to direct visitors to an accessible route.

Sanctuary access:
The accessible route enters the sanctuary at a door to the left of the altar. An usher welcomed me and asked if I wanted communion brought to me.

Sanctuary seating:
All fixed pews. Wheelchair users can only place themselves in the central aisle (unwise, big procession & recession) or in the side aisles (views blocked by large pillars).

I found 2 restrooms, both of which had one stall slightly larger with grab bars, but not large enough for even a compact manual wheelchair.

Very nice music, but forget it if being able to go to the bathroom is important to you. The ushers and others were friendly and welcoming but clueless. The Dean’s office responded to accessibility suggestions with “You will be glad to hear that both the ideas you suggested are under consideration as we look at some much needed upgrades and renovations to the Cathedral complex.”



  1. Mouse

    Only two under consideration. Which two are those?

  2. Katja

    Restroom and pew cutbacks – but “under consideration” smacks of “years before we do anything”. But maybe I’m jaded.

  3. Patricia Tryon

    Huh. People would be “glad” instead of “annoyed” to be told that the “ideas” are “under consideration”?

    I don’t think it smacks of it; I think it declares it, outright. People aren’t born jaded — well, I don’t think I was.

    Out to skate over to Boulder. I need a few leeks.


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