Hooray for the Albuquerque Sunport

This is a shout out to whoever runs the Albuquerque Sunport (their cute name for the airport) rental car center shuttle bus services.

First, the buses run constantly. I’ve never had to wait for a bus.

Second, the entire fleet was recently replaced with kneeling buses with flip out ramps. (I thought the previous vehicles, which had motorized platform lifts, were pretty neat, too.)

Third, and most important, the employee training is superb. The drivers and supervisors are magnificently consistent in their behaviour – do I need the ramp? Can I transfer? Within seconds, the ramp is out and I’m in the bus. If the passenger cannot transfer, the driver and supervisor have already folded up the bench and secured the lock downs by the time the passenger boards. If the passenger can transfer, the driver locks and secures the chair in the luggage area.

Denver Airport has similar buses for the remote parking areas, but apparently no driver training, as four and five buses will pass me by, with the driver claiming his ramp doesn’t work or he doesn’t know how to operate it (this is absurd, as a child could pick up the lip of the ramp and deploy it even if the driver can’t find the button).

Congratulations to Albuquerque on this one.


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