2006 Recap

First sentence of each month for 2006 (idea shamelessly stolen from amputeehee):

January: Thanks to my on-going remission (hooray!), I flew last week with only crutches, no wheelchair, and discovered that this made me a second class crip.

February: Disability Bitch is back, with some schoolin’ for cutesy crips:

March: After all, it could be hay fever.

April: I read somewhere that an unprotected Windows machine on the internet takes about 20 minutes to get infected.

May: I was in Albuquerque this week. Here’s some random stuff that happened:

June: Paralympian takes legal action against Virgin Blue

July: It was time to update the place a little.

August: I feel so modern and connected.

September: Fake disabled children, from Blue (normally seen at The Gimp Parade):

October: I have just been invited to sing at the re-dedication of Saint Andrew Presbyterian Church, re-opening after many months of construction. (Dear Reader, this has not yet happened – it’s currently scheduled for January 14th.)

November: We’ve had season tickets to the Takacs Quartet for a number of years. These sold-out concerts are in a 500 seat theatre at CU, and somebody pretty much has to die in order for someone else to get tickets.

December: The only thing consistent about the TSA is their inconsistency.

Disability related blogs that have died (or seem to be very inactive) in 2006:



  1. Mouse

    Are you under the weather or just plowed in? Hope your roads are free and clear by Jan. 14th! Happy New Year!

  2. Katja

    We’re good – there are mountains of snow everywhere, but the main roads are clean and most of the secondary roads have been plowed.

    I missed it, but there was some sort of neighborhood plowing party after the second snowstorm, and our driveways are all completely clean as well.

    I’m off to Albuquerque at the end of the week; they’ve been freaking out over their 3 inches of snow (I know, it’s all relative).

  3. Patricia Tryon

    Guess the Presbyterians are taking exta time to get it right? ;-)


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