I haven’t been keeping up with all the good stuff out there recently.

Here’s an article from the LA Times about landscape architects learning to think about access:

Stopping at a recently built third-story bridge between two buildings, O’Brien pointed out that most of the structure incorporated wide, flat steps. The wheelchair ramp was off to the side.

“Why did the architect make two-thirds of a perfectly good ramp not accessible?” O’Brien asked the students. “Why put in steps at all?”


“Visually, that’s an admission of failure. If you have to stick a ramp off to the side, it means the stair is really what you wanted to do —? that’s your aesthetic,” Lassen said in an earlier interview.

awake:to:dream is soliciting input on an proposed blog for independent traveling.

Several bloggers noticed l’affaire du comma; it was gratifying to find out that grammar still matters (this after a frustrating discussion with a young woman at The Egg and I about the proper spelling and punctuation of the plural of patty [as in ‘beef patty’] – I managed to make her give up the apostrophe but could not persuade her to sacrifice the ‘y’ for ‘ie’).

Stella has returned after long haitus.

Blue is expanding her focus and speculating on what the recent air travel security changes will mean for disabled travelers.


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  1. Patricia Tryon

    Recently it has occurred to me that there should be public service announcements for spelling and grammar. My vote would be to start with “its” and “it’s” because it would take less than thirty seconds to teach proper use.

    The problem, of course, is that it would take only thirty seconds to teach but something like a lifetime to persuade, e.g. your The Egg and I encounter.


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