Qantas’ turn

They’re getting riled up and uppity down under!

This is discrimination, Qantas told

THE champion wheelchair racer Louise Sauvage, once the smiling face in Qantas promotions, has turned bitter about what she says is the airline’s “discriminatory” approach to disabled passengers.

Qantas’s confirmation that it limits the number of wheelchairs on each flight comes only days after Virgin Blue was forced to backtrack on its requirements for carers to accompany disabled passengers, when the row was revealed by the Herald.


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  1. Katie

    The real problem is that Australia is a two-airline country. Qantas and Virgin Blue are the only choices for domestic flights within Australia – and if you’re flying somewhere that isn’t one of the seven or so major cities, you may not have a choice of airlines. It makes it hard to boycott bad behavior and policy.


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