Wheelchair Advantage

I was down on Pearl Street Mall the other day for some reason that is currently escaping me, and decided to get some extra exercise. Now Pearl Street Mall is prime accosting territory – between the panhandlers and the environmental petition pushers, you can barely get through a single block without being confronted by your fellow man.

Unless you’re me. There were the CoPIRG girls, with clipboards, working in teams so that no one would be able to get past them. One was experiencing a brief lull in pedestrians as I passed her. I even made eye contact, but she turned away. Must be the wheelchair.


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  1. mdmhvonpa

    Heh, all you need to do to get them to flee in terror is to start pointing and screaming a shrill, soul rending diatribe how thier narrow world vision is to blame for your current state!


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